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Casing Services

Providing Casing Services Since 2000

Casing pipes

Our casing crew members average more than 20 years of experience running casing and tubing in a range of materials, threads, and configurations. Safe efficient operations are the basis for a successful casing or tubing job. Crawford Oil Exploration Services Limited has a complete line of casing and tubing handling equipment for jobs ranging from 2 3/8″ to 13 5/8″ and string weights up to one million pounds. Compensators are available for thread profiles sensitive to weight during connection makeup.

Computerized connection makeup service is available when requested. A digital signature of each connection is recorded and documents proper makeup profiles.

Crawford Oil Exploration Services Limited preventative maintenance program ensures equipment and instruments are maintained and calibrated to high standards. Only OEM replacement parts are used in our equipment. Equipment rental services are also available.