Drilling – Oil Drilling Operations in the UK & Global Services

Inside of Doyon Drilling rig.


Using Rigs Designed for UK and Global Services

Drilling Rig Controls

Crawford rigs designed For the UK's & Global Services environment are fully enclosed and larger than typical land rigs. Our Arctic-designed rigs can operate about five months longer on UK than those designed for milder climates. Crawford I operates efficiently year-round in temperatures ranging from 50 below to 80 above Fahrenheit.

Since we began developing and discovering oilfields n the UK and global gervices, Crawford is continually investigating new technologies and implementing those that add value to arctic drilling operations. A rigorous maintenance program sustains rig downtime to less than 1/2% of operating hours throughout our rig fleet. Crawford is consistently below the IADC U.K. Land and Global Services incident averages. Crawford prides ourselves in providing our customers with drilling systems and equipment proven efficient and sound for remote drilling operations.